Documents of faith

Broederkring Declaration 1979: PDF
Cottesloe declaration 1960: PDF
Faith and Protest 1987: PDF
National Initiative for Reconciliation 1985: PDF
Open letter 8 June 1982: PDF
Reformation Day Witness 1980: PDF
Rustenburg Declaration 1990: PDF
Stormkompas 1981: PDF

Confessions of Faith

Apostles’ Creed: PDF or Word
Athanasian Creed: PDF
Nicene Creed: PDF
The Belgic Confession: PDF or Word
The Canons of Dordt: PDF
The Heidelberg Catechism: PDF or Word


Lord’s Prayer: PDF or Word
Baptism of children: PDF or Word
Baptism of believing adults: PDF or Word
Lord’s Supper: PDF or Word
Public Profession of Faith: PDF
Ordination of Elders and Deacons: PDF
Ordination of Ministers of the Word: PDF or Word
Solemnization of Marriage: PDF
Alternative Formula for the Solemnization of Marriage: PDF or Word
Burial: PDF or Word