As an organization, the Dutch Reformed Church (DRC) consists of ten (10) synods, of which nine are in South Africa. The tenth one is in the neighbouring country of Namibia. The borders of the synods closely resemble those of the various provinces of South Africa, Namibia Zimbabwe and Zambia..

Every synod has its own regional structure, with a head office situated in the main town/city of that province. Every synod also has full jurisdiction over its own affairs. In total there are 1158 congregations, geographically organized in 144 presbyteries (circuits). Total membership is 1,074,765. At local level (congregation) the church council, with the local pastors (there are 1,602 ordained ministers in the DRC), are responsible for pastoral care and ministry.

Every two to four years (depending on the resolution taken at the previous General Synod) the various synods come together as the General Synod of the Dutch Reformed Church, which was established in 1962. The office of the General Synod is in Pretoria (Gauteng Province), while more administrative components (mainly media and archives) are situated in Wellington and Stellenbosch (Western Cape Province).


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